2022 SecurityNext Education Program

Security Systems News is excited to bring you SecurityNext, an in-person conference that brings together the who's who of security, along with some of the most prominent thought leaders today, to delve into the latest trends and most promising technologies, separating fact from fiction. SecurityNext is all about providing a road map for all security pros, from systems integrators, alarm dealers and monitoring companies to consultants, end users and manufacturers. Don’t miss it!

Day one

Session: State of the Industry Roundtable

The conversation at SecurityNext over the past few years has been heavily centered around the convergence of physical security and IT/cybersecurity, with data becoming the new gold to be mined, protected and leveraged in myriad ways. The race to the edge and the cloud has been hastened by the pandemic and the changing workforce dynamic, as physical security finally begins to realize the benefits of, and profit from, technologies that once seemed like the stuff of science fiction … AI, robotics, VR/AR and analytics driven by super-computing, neural networks and machine learning, both on premises and in the cloud.

These are exciting times, and this opening State of the Industry Panel brings together some of the sharpest minds in the industry to help make sense of it all …

Kasia Hanson, Global Director, Edge AI Sales – Safety & Security, Intel Corp.
Pierre Bourgeix, Senior Partner, Butchko•ESI
Kathryn Bartunek, Senior Security Design Manager, Cloud Operations + Innovation (CO+I), Microsoft
Moderator: Min Kyriannis, CEO, Amyna Systems

Technology Keynote: The Proptech Revolution: Security Becomes a User Experience
Speaker: Steve Van Till, President and CEO, Brivo

In somewhat less than a decade, Proptech has become a sprawling, vibrant field of innovation and disruption, sweeping up the entire real estate industry in a wave of digital transformation. The rise of Smart Spaces — the use of technology to improve the workplace, tenant, and resident experience — has been one of the primary outcomes of this trend.

With world-class Tenant Experience moving to the top of buyers’ priorities, the security industry faces a crossroads: move ‘up the stack’ and deliver these experiences, or be happy as a component of a bigger ecosystem.

Dealer’s choice: main act, or warm-up band?

Session: The Rise of Robotics

Get set to see security robotics in action, as Jack Wu, Co-Founder & CEO, Nightingale Security, and Steve Reinharz, CEO, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., each provide an exciting presentation on the current and future capabilities of robotics in security. Wu’s Nightingale Security is a pioneer and innovator in the drone technology space, while Reinharz’s Robotic Assistance Devices’ (RAD’s) robots can be found patrolling and protecting some of the most well-known stadiums and facilities in the nation. Come get up close and personal with the latest in robotic and AI technology. After each of their presentations, they will take questions from the audience, so be ready!

Jack Wu, Co-Founder & CEO, Nightingale Security
Steve Reinharz, CEO, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc.

Finance in Focus: John Mack, Imperial Capital

With so much activity going on within M&A, who better to give us insight into what this all means than John Mack of Imperial Capital LLC, an investment firm that has advised on many of the biggest deals within security this past year. As Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Investment Banking and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Imperial Capital since 2008, as well as founder and CEO of investment banking firm USBX prior to that, Mack has been involved in more than 200 acquisitions, overseeing the company’s growth from approximately 30,000 subscribers and $17 million in revenue to more than 1.6 million subscribers, $600 million in revenue and an enterprise value of more than $2 billion.

Session: SSN “40 under 40” Class of 2021 Roundtable

Who better to hear from about current security trends, new approaches to business, and the most promising technologies than the next generation of security leaders — SSN’s Class of 2021 winners Elli Voorhees, Angela Osborne and Randall Renfroe. Geoff Kohl, Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) Senior Director of Marketing, leads this interactive discussion, and will be taking questions from the audience as well.

Suzanna Alsayed, Founder, Evolutz and Hilt International Security Inc.
Randall Renfroe, President & CEO, Allstate Security Industries, Inc.
Elli Voorhees, Director of Learning and Development (L&D), Security Industry Association (SIA)
Angela Osborne, Associate Vice President — Risk & Emergency Management Solutions, Guidepost Solutions LLC
Moderator: Geoff Kohl, Senior Director of Marketing, SIA

Day two

Technology Keynote: The Metaverse and Why it Matters: Fact vs. Fiction and the Implications for Security
Speaker: Travis May, Director, Workforce Innovation & Strategy, Groove Jones

Get ready for a glimpse into the future, as Travis May, a recognized expert in XR technology and innovation, takes us into the immersive world of Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and what it means for physical security professionals and the industry as a whole.

Having led Mastercard’s early development efforts with immersive technologies, May spearheaded the use of VR for training and remote workforce collaboration, seeing marked improvement in staff engagement, knowledge retention, and collaboration, shaping the foundation for XR use throughout the enterprise. His role quickly expanded to emerging technologies, and leading Future of Work and Future of Learning solution development. May's efforts led to national recognition from the Business Journals as a Top 100 Influencer: Rising Stars; Security Systems News 40 Under 40; St. Louis Business Journal 40 Under 40; and multiple team awards for training and workforce innovation. Travis is now leading workforce innovation and strategy initiatives at the esteemed XR studio Groove Jones, out of Dallas, Texas.

Session: Systems Integrators Speak

For security integration companies, the last few years have caused quite a bit of consolidation, pushing many companies to pivot and change the way they do business, embrace new technologies and focus on workforce initiatives, all in an effort to thrive and survive during these tough and unpredictable times. Come join this panel to discuss the current state of systems integration, from the evolving business model based more on RMR, to the accelerated use of new technology, such as cloud, robotics and AI, to partnering and working with end users and manufacturers to provide the right products and technology.

Michael Hanlon, Senior Director of Sales, Allied Universal Technology Services
Aaron Whitaker, Owner, Preventia Security
Louis Rabenold, Senior Product Manager, JCI Video Solutions/Exacq
Moderator: Candice Aragon, Director of Marketing, PSA

Session: First 48 Hours of a Cyber Event

Business disruption that results from ransomware attacks are costly on many levels. Down time, mitigation expenses, and reputational costs can run anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to shutting a business down for good. Recent statistics show that ransomware remains the most prominent malware threat to organizations. Malicious emails are up 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ransoms being asked for are on the rise, with the average ransom fee requested being $200,000. In late March 2021, CNA Financial paid out $40M to hackers that launched a ransomware attack against them, setting a world record for paid ransom. It is estimated that the average downtime to businesses hit by ransomware is 21 days. Even with cyber insurance, can your organization stand to be down 21 days?

This panel will be discussing real-world examples of what the first 48 hours of a cyber event looks like. We have experts from the legal perspective, insurance perspective, and forensics investigations perspective to give you some insights into what you need to do to prepare for a cyberattack because it is not so much an “if it happens” scenario, it is more a matter of when.

Barbee Mooneyhan, VP of Security, CISO/CPO, Woebot Health
Will Knehr, Senior Manager of Information Security and Data Privacy, i-PRO Americas, Inc.
Moderator: Antoinette King, Founder, Credo Cyber Consulting LLC

Finance in Focus: Michael Barnes, Barnes Associates

Michael Barnes, who founded Barnes Associates in 1986 and directs the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions activities, will provide a financial outlook for the security industry, including industry growth dynamics, market share changes, performance along the big KPIs – margins, RMR origination, attrition, growth – as well as market values and what drives them. Since founding Barnes Associates, Michael has been involved in more than 280 security alarm acquisitions, with an aggregate transaction value in excess of $29 billion.

Session: Apple Pie and Ice Cream — Inclusive Culture Building

Core values are an important component of every business culture. How you promote and measure accountability to core values within your team will reflect your success internally among your staff, and externally throughout your ecosystem. During this interactive session we will discuss some tools and tips that we’ve used successfully and unsuccessfully to accomplish these tasks. We’ll also ask the audience to share their experiences and results, with a goal of building more inclusive companies with happier teammates throughout the security industry.

Christine Lanning, Co-Founder, Integrated Security Technologies Inc. (IST)
Andrew Lanning, Co-Founder, IST
Rose “Liz” Bacus, FedGov Project Engineer, IST

Session: Security from the Consultant’s Perspective

The consultant’s role within security has been gaining increased attention, and for good reason, as these security professionals play a unique and vital role in every security project, providing the vision, scope and strategy for not only the end user, but also the systems integrator and the manufacturers providing the technology and products to make it all happen. They are many times the voice of reason, providing clarity on what is and isn’t needed for a project. This session gives a unique glimpse into the minds of this consulting Power Trio — Jim Henry, Benjamin M. Butchko and Pierre Bourgeix — along with Orion Entrance Control CEO & Founder Steve Caroselli, who took his company from a garage to a multimillion dollar success story.

Jim Henry, Consultant, Butchko•ESI
Benjamin M. Butchko, CEO, Butchko•ESI
Steve Caroselli, CEO & Founder, Orion Entrance Control, Inc.
Moderator: Pierre Bourgeix, Senior Partner, Butchko•ESI

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